"Together we create the difference."


To be a renowned organization in all sectors identified and bring socially beneficial technology to enhance the quality of life for society. To serve society by taking part in industrial, innovation, academics and entrepreneurship activities. To be a catalyst helping individuals to transform challenges into opportunities.


We understand and care for the needs of our customers and commit to sharing our knowledge through training on cutting edge technologies and value-added services. We value and care for people and the environment.


To provide technology, education, and employability as a service to society and help to build an eco-friendly environment through sustainable energy. Develop and offer innovative and diverse programs in support of social enrichment. Engage, educate, and empower creating a positive impact on society.


To leverage the core competency of our intellectual capital for catering to the growing needs of our customers. To strive constantly to motivate the professionals to tap their unique human endowments, consciousness, imagination and willpower. To facilitate opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills & entrepreneurship relevant to current and emerging markets

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EvXprts' Team

Venkitachalam V

Founder Chairman


Chief Executive Officer

Prasad S N


Col Prasad


Sathvik B

Head-Campus Outreach

Pushpa N M

Head-Women Emp

Ruta P


Nidhi C


Sunil A

Head-Digital Mktg

Supriya S


Akash J

Head-Waste Mgmt

Ashwin S


Prem R

Head-Rural Dev

Satyendra G


Shankar B


Srividya S


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    Please send names and address of payee along with receipt of payment to : info@evxprts.org
  2. Cheque payment: Please use above details and deposit in the nearest ICICI Bank and send a scanned copy of cheque to: info@evxprts.org with the payees name and address.

* Person who is registering must be above 18 years old