"Together we create the difference."


To be the Global Centre of Excellence for Training and Skill Development.


We understand and care for the needs of our customers and commit to share our knowledge through training on cutting edge technologies and value-added services.


To provide technology, education and employability as a service to the society and help building an eco-friendly environment through sustainable energy.


To leverage the core competency of our intellectual capital for catering to the growing needs of our customers.
To strive constantly to motivate the professionals to tap their unique human endowments, consciousness, imagination and willpower.

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EvXprts' Team

Venkitachalam V

Founder Chairman


Chief Executive Officer

Smita Kulkarni


Shankar B


Prasad S N


Dr.Jagadish G


Ashwin S


Ananya D


Pushpa N M

Head-Women Emp

Sathvik B

Head-Campus Outreach

Saurabh P


Kushrow I


D V Vadhyar

Head-Electric Machines

Deepesh G




Thomas D

Head - Quality

EvXprts' Upcoming Events

EvXprts announce Investors Meet!

The Investors Meet is for Entrepreneurs who are looking for a platform where they can directly meet and interact with investors and get funded.Meet your potential investors early. The event is to help early stage start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them support that they need to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.The networking event is an excellent platform for the entrepreneurs to win the investor and the investors to evaluate the entrepreneur's product. Both the parties are given an opportunity to learn about each other, to discuss innovation and growth.

EvXprts' Upcoming Webinar

Register for Webinar

In challenging times, the most effective leaders find ways to re-ground, realize that they would have to make decisions which will have irreversible impacts on employees, shareholders, company and in some instances, society itself. Challenge for the leaders in this new decade is something which would be most challenging in their careers .

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    Please send names and address of payee along with receipt of payment to : info@evxprts.org
  2. Cheque payment: Please use above details and deposit in the nearest ICICI Bank and send a scanned copy of cheque to: info@evxprts.org with the payees name and address.

* Person who is registering must be above 18 years old